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Free fooding at car festival 2017, Atibadi jagannatha Das Pitha,Haladhar Nag with Dr.Pramod Acharya,Janmastami Puja, Puri

Science Exhibition at Tapobana Adarsha Vidyalaya 

Farmers Felicitation 2014 at Puri

Annadana Programme at Puri


Annadana Programme at PuriOut of the four “Dhamas”, Srikshetra, the name is enough, occupies a supreme place in the religious mind of Hindus. It is the land of the Lord of the Universe. Innumerable devotees come to the holy place to wash their vice and earn virtue. The holy city of Puri, the hub og the religious life in Orissa (Odisha), was once bristled with ‘Mathas’ and the Mataas had their holy duty in providing religious scope as well as food and shelter to the devotees. But at present they have their list of glories and are no longer providing food to the devotees. empty stomach earns no virtue . Hence Annapurna Chariatble Trust is given birth to renovate the same ‘Annadana’ programme. The organisation aims at providing fooding to the saints, destitutes, beggars, victims of fatal diseases etc in Puri. It has been providing the scope ceaselessly from the month of ‘Kartik’.

An Opportunity:

Out of different donations ‘Annadana’ food donation to starved, brings the highest virtue. The voice of the people is the voice of God. One can get the blessing of Lord Jagannath by helping the devotees in earning their virtue only by joining the organisation. Busy man in abroad Puri can also get the blessing of the divinity by sending donation on net banking and feel himself as a member of the trust.


For one Day Rs 2000/-

For one Month Rs 50,000/-

For one Year Rs 5,00,000/-

Our Future Plans:

  • To continue the ‘Annadana’ programme round the year
  • To renovate the four religious ponds ‘Narendra’, ‘Markandeya’, ‘Swetaganga’ and ‘Indradumnya’
  • To create a healthy atmosphere for religious activities in Puri
  • To establish a free shelter for the devotees

For details contact:

Annapurna Charitable Trust

Tapobana Bhawan
At – Dadamatha Lane, saradhabali,
Puri, 752002