1. Health Awareness Camp :

“ When health is lost, everything is lost.”

For benefit of poor people of village area who are unable to make treatment of their health due to lack of money. Our organisation organised different health camps in the Puri District.

2. Vocational Training Programme :

a) Applique, Tailoring, Computer

“Where Education is a means to earn.”

To sustain the needy unemployed the organisation organised vocational training programme at Kalikabadi of Bramhagiri Block.

3. Plantation & Nursery :

“Tree is life.”

To save tree the members of Annapurna Charitable Trust involved in plantation programme at Sipa Sirubali in Bramhagiri Block.

4. Craft Training Programme for OBC / SC / ST :

“Art is life.”

To maintain life through art, the organisation programmed six months of craft training for OBC / SC / ST(s) at Ramachandi Sahi Basti, Puri

5. Disaster Management :

Where others fear to intrude, the organisation dared to invade the flood at Karama of Kanas Block on relief work.

6. Women Empowerment :

“No country can prosper without giving proper attention to the women.”
To equalise the women with men, the organisation organised women empowerment programmes.

7. SHG Group Promotion & Training :

A novel step to re-orient the leaders of SHG groups so that they would be able to manage their groups.

8. Agricultural Training :

“Jai Jawan, Jai Kissan”

A chance for the rural farmers to learn the modern ways of farming.

Venue : –
Biragobindapur of Satyabadi Block.

A district level Agricultural Exhibition for small faramers.

9. Sports & Cultural Programme :

To highlight sports and cultural values in grassroot level, the organisation organised different types of sports and cultural programmes.

10. Help of Destitute :

“Annadana the best virtue”

A programme to offer food to the destitutes at Tapoban Bhaban in Puri.

11. Environment Promotion Programme / Promotion of Medicinal Plant :

“To save the environment is to save life”

The organisation promoted the plantation of ‘Tulsi’ to create a healthy atmosphere.