Appeal For Daily Annadan

Dear Sir/Madam

Free FoodingI have the pleasure to impress upon you that more than three years back when the Annapurna Charitable trust was born on 2008 vide Registration No-441, its founder had certain mission in mind which has remained the pushing factor all along behind the process of evolution of the Trust. Daily Annadan to the poorest among the poors in the holy place like Puri is one of the important activity of the Trust being undertaken from the date of evolution. Since that momentous day it has been an unending endeavour to realise may other holy dreams, achieve the goal, accomplish the mission as those covered a wider canvas of societal change.

The Annapurna Charitable Trust is marching towards future with above in mind and accountable to the poorest among the poor as we feel peoples pulse and reach every corner of the state through many other programmes. We reach the people who matters. In the context of daily Annadan programme Crises seems to have been a part of the horoscope chart as our experience shows. Still we have managed to survive and grow- thanks to our loyal contributors. Under the above scenario, with this introduction, I on behalf of the Trust feel pleasure to enclose a copy of the brochure to provide some information with a request to join your hands for the divine work like Annadan through some nominal contribution as placed below & there by extending cooperation towards the Trust.

I hope, you will let us have your patronising support and be with us as. We continue to grow with the maxim “Service to Mankind is Service to God”.

Awaiting a positive response at an early date.

With regards


Free Fooding for Poor People at Place of Jagannath Temple, Puri

Yours sincerely,


Contribution for daily Annadan Programme
For one Day Rs. 2000/-
For one Month Rs. 50,000/-
For one Year Rs. 5,00,000/-